This month I have some bunny rabbits to offer you…
Here are a couple of bunnies, made of antique feedsacks, each with charming little patches of homespun.
 The standing one is about 12” tall, including his ears. 
He has a seamed front gusset on his tummy, and cute little skinny feet that turn in a little.

Simple embroidered features, with separately applied ears and arms. His cute little tail is made from old seed cotton batting.

I used a wonderful pattern, inspired by a real antique toy, by Homespun Prims.

The sitting bunny looks like an old Amish made toy rabbit. He’s 7 ½” long, and about 4” tall.

For this little guy, I used the printed pieces for the bottom, so he looks just like the old ones, when every scrap of fabric was utilized.

The pattern for this one is by Square Nails.

Both bunnies have a lovely, old patina. They have been distressed and stained in a process with several layers, so they truly look and feel old.

Please specify standing or sitting bunny, and please include your zip code for accurate shipping.

Standing Bunny is $46 plus travel fare

Sitting Bunny is Spoken For, Thank you
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These sweet and simple Prim Bunnies are stump style dolls, with a lightly weighted bottom, so she'll always stand where you put her.

They’re made from stained and distressed feedsack muslin. Each wears an apron made from a Civil War reproduction fabric, with a cute carrot with a wool top tucked in.

Measures just under 11" tall, and is overall a bit darker in color than the photo shows.

These bunnies are Old Branch Hollow original© designs, and will come to you signed and dated.

Please specify left, middle, or right bunny and please include your zip code for accurate shipping. *Middle & right bunnies are Spoken for-Thank you

Stumpy Bunny is $28 plus travel fare
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