Welcome to Old Branch Hollow! This month I'm offering a lovely old rag doll, and a set of my flat fabric covered boxes, all in shades of blue and brown.

This sweet and humble doll is named Cecily Booker. She is made from pure linen, with a separately applied nose and embroidered features. 18" tall, with a rag stuffed torso to give her a nice weight.


She has wonderful, large hands with separate fingers, one of my favorite features on an old doll. I've given her a sweet sewing pocket too.
She wears a dress made of reproduction Civil War fabric in a pretty cadet blue, with a bit of brown trim at the neckline. Her bloomers are muslin. All hems are hand stitched.

Both Cecily and her clothing have been aged in several layers, so she looks as if she's been played with and loved for a very long time. Overall, she's a bit darker than the photos show. Click any photo for a closer view. Cecily Booker is a one of a kind doll, and copyrighted design from Old Branch Hollow. She will be signed and dated.

Cecily Booker is Spoken For.

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Here's a lovely set of flat stacking boxes, all covered in high quality reproduction fabrics in a variety of blue prints. I have a limited number of this flat style available.
The stack is a little over 6" high. The largest box is 2 1/2" tall, and 9" across, medium is 2" tall, and 8" across, small is 1 1/2" tall, and 7" across.

I've hand stitched the seam, just like the old ones. They have been stained and distressed in a several step process to give them a lovely, timeworn appearance.

The smallest box has a seam on top, a feature you sometimes see on antique ones, as they were normally made using worn out clothing, or whatever was on hand. Overall, the boxes are a bit darker than my photos show. Click any photo for a closer look.

Flat Stack Boxes are $54, which includes shipping.
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I'm taking some time off this month with my family. I'll be back in September with new Fall designs.