It's finally starting to feel like Fall, so I've created a few Jack O' Lanterns and black cats this month.

Let's start with the Pumpkin Heads! Each one is made from painted and distressed Osnaburg, and embellished with a variety of materials.
I've included a photo with a ruler for size reference, as each one is unique. 

Jack number 1 is ivory with all wool appliqued features and bead eyes. He's about 6" tall.

Jack number 2 is grey, with stained muslin and bead eyes, a wool nose and mouth with glass bead teeth. He's just about 5"tall.

Number 3 is is a distressed orange color, not quite as bright as he appears in the photos. He has appliqued wool and bead eyes and nose, his mouth is embroidered cotton. He measures about 5 1/2" tall.

Jack number 4 is a distressed terra cotta color, with all wool features and button eyes. 5 1/2' tall.

These Jack O' Lanterns are original Old Branch Hollow© designs, made in a limited quantity. They are signed and dated. 

Jack O'Lanterns are $39 each, including shipping.

Please refer to the number and color that you are interested in.

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Here are a few old kitties that I've made to resemble the old sock cats we all love so much. These are adorable sitting in the lap of an old doll or tucked among your pumpkins. Each cat is unique, made from a vintage knit shirt that I found at a flea market. They are rag stuffed, and rubbed with a bit of cinnamon to give them an aged appearance. Each one is unique, and although some may have similar features, no two are exactly alike. 

Kitty number one is a tad over 5" tall, with button eyes, embroidered features and a braided knit tall. He has a little brown calico patch.
**Spoken for, Thank you!

Kitty number 2 is a chubby one! He has embroidered features, and wool eyes with cute mis-matched glass bead eyes. His tail is knotted wool, and is patched up with some blue calico.

Number 3 is about 4 1/2" tall, with embroidered features, wool and glass bead eyes. He's got a hole patched with a plaid homespun.

An Old Branch Hollow© original design, signed and dated.

Old Sock Kitties are $38 each, including shipping.
Please include the number of the cat you are interested in.
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